AMZ is the abbreviation of the word Amazing, which means amazing products or things. It is a brand founded by a group of knights who love retro motorcycle culture. It mainly designs and manufactures various retro motorcycle helmets and motorcycle related equipment and accessories.


In 2015, the brand head office AMZ SPORTS INC. was established in Dallas, Texas, USA. Our aim is to provide riders with amazing products and services and better promote motorcycle culture. After years of development, AMZ retro motorcycle equipment has been recognized by a large number of retro motorcycle riders in the United States and the world.


In 2018, AMZ established a Chinese branch and began to enter the Chinese market. Completed the collision and integration of American motorcycle culture and Asian motorcycle culture.


In January 2018, AMZ signed an agency agreement with Malaysia's Benomy Attire Enterprise., officially entering the Malaysian market.


In June 2018, AMZ signed an agency agreement with Rongjin Industrial Trading (HK) Limited. The company will sell in Japan through Amazon Japan, Rakuten platform and the company's independent official website, officially entering the Japanese market.


In 2019, in order to better integrate into and develop the Asian market, and to solve the pain points of the knights that the existing helmets are generally too large, AMZ launched a new Japanese-style retro small helmet body series, and designed a new brand LOGO and a full set of VI Design, the new small helmet body series has also been quickly recognized by riders.


In August 2019, AMZ signed an agency agreement with Thailand's Avenger Socal Co., Ltd. to officially enter the Thai market.


In October 2019, AMZ signed an agency agreement with The Retro Helmet Lab. of the Philippines, officially entering the Philippine market.


While focusing on products, AMZ also pays great attention to the promotion of motorcycle retro trend culture. In 2020, AMZ launched a personalized helmet customization service, inviting French designer Xavier Jeans Claude Robert to design and customize various personalized painted helmets for riders, mainly based on Japanese retro and old-fashioned style, adding personalization Unique signatures such as design patterns and signatures make each custom helmet a work of art.


Our slogan: Amazing is everything. There is no free style, only your lifestyle.